How to add another sheet in a drawing?

Sometimes I need to add more projections or sections in single drawing piece and to do this, I need to create another sheet.

All my drawings have 1/1 sheet drawing instead 1/2, 1/3, … 1/n.

Thank you.


There is an option to resize parts in the drawings so they all fit on the same page.

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This is actually a pretty important question. When I saw “Sheet 1/1” at the bottom I just assumed that meant you could add more sheets. Is this not possible?

I ask because I have a model that I will be making prints for within the next week or 2 and I already know its going to require about 6 pages just for this one part.


You can create as many 2D drawings as you like. But I think they are all going to say “Sheet 1 / 1”. And more annoyingly you have to export each one individually.

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This feature that accepts only sheet 1/1 is very annoyingly…

Agreed, need this!… ability to add multiple sheets to one “2D drawing”