How to adjust fillet without adjusting adjacent faces?

I’ve got a body and am trying to adjust the fillet on the bottom edges, but doing so is resizing the whole thing. I see how this is useful, but it seems like there should be a way to adjust the radius without changing the entire body as well. What am I missing?

/edit: To clarify, what I’d like to do is have the face tangent to the fillet to expand/contract to match the new fillet radius, rather than having all of the faces push outward/inward.

@Justin I just replicated your Design.
I.e., the basic rectangle was pulled up to a similar proportional height to you Design.
The corners were rounded and then all the edges of one of the lager faces were highlighted and rounded.
Then I selected/highlighted a similar portion of the rounded edge.
The whole of the rounded edge changed to mach the highlighted portion, but the Body remained the same size.
Have you tried exiting S3D [Apple style] and then starting completely afresh?
May be worth a try?

Updated clip.

Hey Justin,

sorry for the late reply - The problem here is that your fillet, at first got the same radius, as you bodies height. So later, when you went back and modified it, it didn’t recognize it as a fillet - so it went on and scaled the whole body.

I’ll share this with the team, and see if this is a bug or not - but until then, just make sure that the radius is not same as the height of the body - this way you will be able to go back and adjust the fillet.

Interesting. Thanks for the heads up!