Offset after full fillet


Apologies in advance if this has already been covered. I searched but could not identify keywords that provided a topic with solutions.

Situation: Adjusting a cuboid’s length via a face offset is clear and simple as there is a distance tag between the adjacent faces.

Issue: When fully filleting one of the faces the distance tag is gone [Image 2] (unless a small flat surface is left [Image 1]). This makes quick adjusts more tedious as I have to to first measure the length from the fillet line to the face, then mentally calculate the offset required.

This can become time consuming, especially with more complex designs.

Is there a solution or better workflow that improves this?

Thank you!

Such situations happen a lot.

The solution is tough:

Thank you for the link!

While similar, my main issue is the lack of a dimension tag from the flat side, not the inability to edit it.

I am still able to easily edit the flat side offset, unlike your model’s double ended 180º sides. The problem is that offsetting the flat surface restarts from 0.

Yes that is unfortunately so.
You can no longer delete the 180 ° radius so that you have a surface again.
With Shapr3D you have to be very sure that you really want 180 °, reuor is only possible with a lot of effort.
See the video that I made now.

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