How to align spherical surface on cylindrical surface


I want to align two bodies together through their Center-Line Axes such that these body are allowed only to move along the aligned axes, see below for illustration:

Note that, I have tried the aligning tool by selecting the spherical surface as well as the cylindrical surface, but the tool is unable to align these bodies and prompt the following massage "spherical surfaces can only be align to another spherical surface”.

I would use Translate tool to translate the sphere’s midpoint to where the axis is, then just move it sideways.

Alternatively, you could create the sketch used for the sphere already positioned to the cylindrical face, and generate the sphere there.

Problem is

Spherical Center Point can’t be selected when using the Translation tool.

The alternative solution will not solve the problem. The sphere is still allowed to move freely, while I actually want to lock it into the cylindrical axis. So that when previewed, I can let the sphere roll on the cylindrical surface.

Currently there are no 3D constraints, so you can’t lock it to an axis.