How do I align a spherical body to the center of another body?

I have a sphere that I want to move to the center of the tip a rod that I’ve designed. However, using the Align tool doesn’t seem to work with spheres as it wants an edge.

I tried adding an axis to the sphere but that didn’t seem to work. I used the Translate tool to move it but it isn’t perfectly aligned.

Make a temporary recess in the sphere. Use that flat to align with another body. Afterwards you can remove the recess using Replace Face.


How can I ensure that the plane being added to the sphere is square to it? I’ve tried following your video a few times and it keeps placing a bit offset.

Good question. It doesn’t matter where the sphere is in 3D space. Here I moved the sphere somewhere away from the cylinder. Tap on ‘one plane’ on the navigation cube in the upper corner. Then sketch a rectangle and extrude towards the sphere creating a centered flat surface.