How to connect some of my work that is floating to the work area

I need help
I have a shape and it is “floating” over the work area
How do I make it so that it is no longer floating

I have a deadline for my job need help

Can you send a picture?

I would but the area is too small to see in a pic

I don’t understand. Nobody can help you without picture or detail detailed description. :wink:

double tap the view cube top right or left.

It will default to the whole scene view.

Then open the folder thingy bottom right or left to see your list of objects.

Tap on them in the list until you select the offender.

Use the move tool to move it closer to the other objects, then use the translate tool to attach it where you need it.


Just use the translate tool with the start point selected on the bottom surface of your workpiece and the endpoint placed on the grid (or that surface where you would like to move the body). If the body should be placed on the grid, Grid Snap option is helpful when defining the endpoint.
I created a video, hope it helps. Is that what you were looking for?