How to create a "crystalline" surface

Dear fellow-shaprs,

a friend of mine asked me to create (3d-print) a “sugar-rabbit” - a rabbit figurine that looks like it’s made of sugar…

While I won’t have a problem finding a 3d-model of a rabbit, or even creating a low-poly-form with Shapr3D, I really don’t have a clue how to make the surface look like it’s build out of crystals.

Does anyone have an idea how to create this look?
I already thought about subtracting “comb-like” paths, but I think this will end in some kind of “knurled” visuals an not resembling sugar.

Keep safe and sane


Making the Rabbit in Shapr3D, okay. Texturing it is not feasible in Shapr. Not saying you can’t. Other programs are better for that. You can export the rabbit and process texture in a program like Blender.

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