Is it possible to create this in Shapr3d?

Is it possible to create a “flourish” like this in Shapr3d, and if so, what would be the best way to go about it? Lofting? Extruding and chamfering?

I’d say a combination of all three methods.
A sculpting software such as ZBrush or Nomad Sculpt would get it done much faster, but Shapr3D would get you there as well.

I’ve been playing with Nomad sculpt, but I’m not very good at it, LOL!

Up to now, there is no modeling software like rhinoceros, which combines line and line connection, to export stp/step format files to make this kind of corner flower. I wish rhinoceros could come to iPad. At present, uMake can be combined with line and surface, but it is difficult to operate, so I gave up because of the lack of funds, which led to a slow upgrade and failed to break through many functions. If shapr3D focuses on modeling, it may bring vitality to break through the traditional CAD modeling. There is a huge demand to realize special-shaped modeling, and whoever breaks through will be king. look forward to

Modeling of shapr3D Imperfect