How to design GT2 Timing Belt


Does anyone have any idea how to design et GT2 Timing Belt with Shapr3D ?


Hi @Navrug Welcome to the Forum.

Is this small portion similar to the type of Belt that you wish to Design:

Help is available to get you through one of the processes that will give a similar result, but be aware that although it is not difficult you will have to learn about Constraints and a few Tools. Also be prepared to calculate the Tooth Size so that it is compatible with the overall finished dimensions.

Assuming it will be intended to be suitable for some form of Drive it would be useful to be armed with more information. Sizes of Pulley Wheels and Dimensions between Shafts, i.e., something like this:

The above could be more complex if there is need for a specific Tooth Profile or Size, adding in a Tensioner will again increase difficulty.

If you do not want to go that deep it could be kept as a simple Circle or Oval Belt to get used to the process.

Happy S3Ding.

Thank you.

actually I’m trying to design a part where I can clip the belt in.
my belt will not be a closed loop so my design should integrate somewhere to clip in the timing belt. To do that I want to design a small part of GT2 timing belt to then subtract it from the min piece.

I understand you designed the examole you gave using “triangle” shape in sketches ?

Correct, but it seems you do not need to replicate, but wish to Split and design a Coupling Device for an existing Timing Belt. Using S3D to create a Design before tackling the task?

If the above assumption is correct you will need to be very careful altering the deign of the Belt.
Timing Belts operate at high speeds under high stress, if the modification failed it could be very dangerous and potentially life threatening.
My advice is for you to request a local suitably qualified Engineer to give you advice before proceeding any further.