How to draw line or tilt to absolutevangle

i want one object to have, say, a ten degree angle, relative to the z axis. i can draw it vertical and then rotate relative ten degrees, but i’ve found no way to see what the absolute angle is, nor to set the angle directly.

what have i missed?

To measure an Angle you need two Lines.

Draw a Line on the Z Axis

Use Transform > Move/Rotate > Select the Line and hit the ✚ Icon [effectively Copy]

Then Rotate it to the Degree required

Lastly select both Lines and the measurement in degrees will be shown.

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yes, thanks. i found this in a tutorial video: with auto constraint on, draw a randomly angled line; draw a vertical line to the line’s end point. select both, angle is shown, edit it.

thanks. i think there’s a lot i need to learn about constraints!

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My MO is to work through ALL available features in ALL Menus to find out what each is capable of.
I did this first toward the end of June 2019, however S3D does not stand still for long so there is a need to revisit often. There are 'clues, within S3D Version History in the App Store, as to changes that have been made. But the detail is sadly lacking so ‘suck it and see’ seems to be the best option.

My advice would be to experiment, take heart from the discovered wonders of S3D, then experiment some more. This can be great fun and very educational. The advantage of working through all the features is that nothing will be missed.


Great advice about working through all the features in the menus. Great way to see what and how things work.
Thank you for that👍

Hi @Gspro Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:
Be sure to follow all the way down each Feature trail and don’t forget the Groups in the Top Left and Bottom Right. Effort in this direction will pay dividends.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:


Will do :slight_smile:

Thanks again