Right angles

I am incredibly frustrated by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a way to manage the direction of an angle I want to create. Shaking the pencil makes the angle go UP instead of DOWN.

I don’t know if I am explaining this properly. I am creating an Adirondack chair in Shapr3D. One of the pieces requires a 38 degree radius cut from one long side. I place my pencil at the point where the angle is supposed to start, begin making a line, then shake the pencil to activate the angle feature. But instead of the angle drawing up and over to the other point, the angle goes in the opposite direction. How is it that there is no way to DIRECT an angle when creating it?

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You can try double-tapping on the face you want to sketch on to bring it into a wider 2d view orientation. This way it’s easier create more precise sketches.

Instead of switching from a straight line to a curve a workaround can be to draw two straight lines intersecting to give you the angle. You can then select and adjust the angle between the lines.

If this does not answer your question please attach an image to help us better understand the issue.

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Does the component you are having trouble with look anything like this?

If your answer is ‘yes’ perhaps it is worth reading on. The following is just one way to achieve a similar result.

Without knowing what the Radius measurement is the following is less than precise, however it should offer enough clues to set it up properly.

This ScreenShot shows how to set up the 30º sweep of the required Radius:

  1. Sketch a Vertical Line, preferably of the desired Radius, when the Curve will be formed simply by creating a Circle and Sketch > Trim the unwanted portion(s).

  2. Transform > Move

  3. Select the Vertical Line and move the Pivot Point to the bottom end of that Line

  4. Rotate the line Anticlockwise and type in 19º

  5. Click on the Copy + Badge and rotate the Line Clockwise and type in 38º

  6. Click on Copy + Badge again to deactivate it

  7. Select both of the the now angled lines [V] and using the appropriate Arrow Move the ‘V’ until the top ends contact the edge of the Sketch that will become the Component.

  8. If the Move Arrows are not appropriately positioned they can be aligned by Deselecting the ‘V’ and pivoting the Arrows as required before selecting the ‘V’ again.

  1. As the ‘guesstimate’ for the Radius was way out at this point an arc was created between the two contact points.

  2. Not knowing all the details of the Radius it’s ends were locked and then manipulated as shown.

If this does not help there will probably several ways to resolve it in S3D :sunglasses:

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