How To Import a 2D Shape for a 3D Cutout

I have a cross-sectional 2D shape that I need to trace from an actual object and then import into Shapr3D so that I can cut a cross section in a Shapr3D cylinder that is the same size as this custom 2D cross-section. I attached the relevant section from the basic Shapr3D tutorial to illustrate what I need to do. In this case, my cutout needs to be based on an actual cutout to match a real surface that is not a simple rectangle but actually has rounded corners so I need to trace or scan that surface, then import it into Shapr3D then use it to cut into my cylinder. Thanks! Gil

One solution is to import the picture to the modeling space and create a sketch using it as a reference. In that case, if you have the shape in a 2D vector format, just import it as a DXF or DWG file to Shapr3D and you are ready to go!