Import 2d shapes / vectors


Is there a way to import 2d shapes like glyph shapes as sketch into shapr? I tried adobe illustrator files but it failed. Is there support for some other vector formats like svg or pdf?

I want to make a bunch of embossing but drawing stuff is rather cumbersome with the sketch tools.

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Hello, Shapr3d supports PDF file format import. Workaround can be to import in PDF format or make screenshots of your illustrations and import in PDF or PNG format into Shapr3d.

No vector import supported. Pdf is rasterized.

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It’d be super helpful if Shapr3D could import *.ai (Adobe Illustrator) format. Considering Illustrator for iPad is in beta test (and I need to say looks and works really good) it would be super easy to design and import 2D vector graphics into Shapr3D and build a 3D model. This way we could do everything using only iPad.

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I’ve been using Meshman3D (free) to convert file formats.