How to join a curve to a joint

Help please,
Trying to join a curve (additional end point) to the intersection of a straight line crossing a circle (the straight line and circle are locked). When I initially line up the curve to the intersection it clicks to join, but when you zoom right in it is not joined, then when I try to pick up the curves end and move to the perfect intersection it’s like a magnet is repelling it from joining. Any help appreciated.

Hi Rob, thanks for reaching out. This seems like a display issue that is happening because the workspace is really zoomed into (we will further investigate the visual issue). However the lines should be joined, please try performing any Tool operation and let us know if you get any errors that are associated with a broken point in a sketch.

Yes appears to work. I found this as an issue in an addition draft where I’d later try and join multiple shapes, when zooming in some were not 100% joined.
The image I’ve shown is on my second draft where I zoomed in on all the joints and made 100% sure they were pretty close like this one. Then when I later joined all shapes it worked.

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