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Sometimes when creating a complex sketch there can be a situation where the sketch isn’t closed. Could be just a very small gap where two ends don’t quite join. Finding that incorrect join can be very difficult as the only way is to minutely examine each join and this can be very time consuming and in some instances almost impossible. Shapr3D obviously knows it is not joined and probably where the problem is. Will there ever be an update that will ID the problem(s) and indicate what needs fixing?

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This aspect is frustrating but you will find with practice that it should reduce the number of instances experienced. Searching for relevant information on all subjects, mindful of the fact that S3D is frequently updated, you will find relevant information with some visual differences.

This may ease the problem of locating two ‘open’ points that you wish to close, the Curves can be replaced by Lines where the Join Angle can accept them:

Otherwise Zooming far enough out is key to locating problems like this.

This is the shapr. File of the above:

NonJoinLocating.shapr (108 KB)

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the anchor points were not tightly closed!

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P.D: I do not believe that there may be an option as you indicate, since the system does not know whether that gap has been made on purpose or carelessly. It has happened to me and I have had to look where the problem is! as for example in the spiderman spider web project!

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You have misunderstood me, sorry if my explanation was not clear enough.
The point of drawing the Curves and Lines is to highlight the fact when points are not closed. The Unfilled Area(s) highlight Open Points.
The ‘bridging’ Curves or Lines save a massive amount of Zooming to inspect Joins very closely.
There is no automation to close the affected Points but it relieves the User of unnecessarily Zooming to unaffected Points.

good afternoon @Gelphyn

Now I have understood you, what would be nice is to highlight the points that are not together with another color than if they are joined as shown in the images.

Different coloured multiple Points, when they are within a specified radius, would be a wonderful way to Highlight problem Joint(s)
As an ordinary Member I have no control over such matters.
My objective was only to share a workaround.
I am aware that the S3D Team work hard to continually introduce improvements and that there is a long list of priorities to deal with.
Hopefully this discussion will bring this subject to their attention.

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Edit by Leslievalmadre
I wrote the following without fully understanding Gelphyn’s clever answer so while his solution is an excellent one I thought I would leave up what I had written as it still has some relevance in very complex shapes.

Thank you for the responses to my question re closing sketches. I have looked at the drawings showing the open shapes and am aware that an open shape doesn’t have a blue infill and in the cases shown in the drawing uploaded by Gelphyn the gaps were very easy to see and correct. Unfortunately in a situation I am referring to I have a complex shape with around 40 connection points and while I can easily see if it is open (no blue infill) finding the open point is very difficult particularly if it is two straight lines meeting at 180d end to end and the gap is not an open gap but an overlapping break by as small as .1mm in a sketch of 100mm x 160mm overall size. Zooming in to check each connection requires that all lines are selected then zooming from 10mm grid to 0.1mm grid and is very time consuming also scrolling at 0.1mm grid is almost impossible when looking for the next join. Also of course in my case with 40 connections it could well be more than one open connection.
The idea of a colour code for connection points is attractive as mentioned in this thread. I use several other 3D software apps including Fusion 360, Inventor and Revit and all I think offer some indication of potential problems the sketch may have when trying to perform an extrude or similar.
However Shapr3D is easily still the best app for my IPad so well done you guys and keep those upgrades coming. Particularly the fence select for multiple items. Copy the Acad system with left and right fence options for different results.


It works on straight Lines end to end and overlapping straight Lines:

Check out both types of Non Join here:

NonJointLocating2.shapr (108 KB)

Tap on the Navigation Cube to jump back to a normal 3D view, it saves Zooming back in.

good morning to everybody,
From what I have seen in the shapr file, it has built a square with 7 vertices, if it is to explain or give a meaning to the problem of open sketches, I understand it as long as it is because you cannot do it with the tools it brings: square, circle, etc.
Starting from the base that you are using several tools, it is almost impossible for you to have open sketches, unless you have cut or removed some edge / line without knowledge. all my projects such as the fortnite boloncho as the spiderman cobweb launches are composed of basic shapes and if there is any point that is not closed it is because it has added some straight line without connecting.
In my modest opinion, it would be good if vertices that are not connected change or have a distinctive color to those that are anchored, such as when a vertex is blocked, it has a dark green color.

a cordial greeting.

buenos dias a todos,
por lo que he visto en el archivo shapr ha construido un cuadrado con 7 vértices, si es para explicar o dar un sentido al problema de los bocetos abiertos lo entiendo siempre y cuando sea porque no lo puedes realizar con las herramientas que trae: cuadrado, círculo , etc.
Partiendo de la base que estas utilizando varias herramientas es casi imposible que tengas bocetos abiertos, salvo que hayas cortado o eliminado alguna arista / línea sin conocimiento. todos mis proyectos como por ejemplo el boloncho de fortnite como el lanza telarañas de spiderman estan compuestos por formas basicas y si hay algun punto que no esta cerrado es porque ha añadido alguna linea recta sin conectar.
En mi opinión modesta estaria bien que los vértices que no estén conectados cambien o tengan un color distintivo a los que están anclados, como por ejempo cuando un vértice esta bloqueado tiene asignado un color verde oscuro.

un cordial saludo.

This was in response to @Lesliev, in his Edit he accepts that this is functional. However in his first appraisal he suggests that it does not work with straight Lines end to end and overlapping straight Lines, my Post was to correct the latter.

This is about demonstrating the fact that this workaround functions with straight Lines end to end and overlapping straight Lines, it is not about how to draw anything.

For quickness the Rectangle was formed using Sketch > Rectangle > diagonal
Then I broke apart two of the sides and then used Sketch > Line/Curve to recreate the two new
sides, deliberately leaving one where the the Lines do not meet and one where the Lines overlap but do not touch.