How to make this - lever style button with chamfers

Hey folks,

I need some advice how to design specific detail. I want to design and 3D-print a case for a pcb with a display and some buttons. As inspiration I looked at the Prusa Mini reset button.

The button has this nice design with the chamfer so you can’t actually see much of the inside.

The Case

Cut through section of the button

I tried to make this but couldn’t recreate the way it looks on the Mini.
Maybe someone has a good idea how to create them.

Best regards

You mean the Mini’s detentable rotary selector knob?original-prusa-mini

If it’s that the one, just make a circle. Draw a rectangle at the edge of the circle and make 2 copies to rotate around center axis of the circle 120 deg. Loft it. Select the top face and scale it down. Quick and dirty.

You could even give some rotation while lofting it.

I‘m looking for the reset button to the left of the rotary button.

Specifically how to design the chamfer that is kind of parallel on the button and on the case as seen in the section view.

I cropped the picture a bit and drew a circle to have it more clearly:

The lines I added are in a 90° angle to the face of the case and you can see that the chamfer goes behind it

Use the sweep tool. Make a profile of the chamfer “cut” you want to make and subtract it from the case to create the button.The button and the case are one. I think you are treating them as 2 separate items?

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Subtract the sweep from case.

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That worked :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Also a picture of my „creation“


Nice overall design and good use of the Mini reset button design. I too have a Prusa Mini.

Very cool looking case design. Glad it worked. Whatrumaking? I used to do PCB design in my old life.

I‘m working on a new case for the Controller of our sun shade.

The original one is pretty brittle and already lost two buttons and the clips that hold the PCB in place are mostly broken. It consists of two parts, one mounted to the wall and one that hold the PCB and can be taken away from the wall mount.

The spare part is pretty expensive; around 45€ + shipping, if I remember correctly. And that is just the part that holds the PCB. Of course, realistically Designing it myself is way more expensive but I‘m doing it for the challenge :slight_smile:

I still have to figure some things out and maybe change some parts to have no need of support structures for the printing process. (Or get to know how to selectively place it).
Also how to do Text in Shaper. I found this thread and it sounds promising:

Edit: For now I haven‘t done much PCB-designing, just one that I haven‘t finished yet and is mostly done, Maybe I‘ll finish it some day but that’s a whole other project :see_no_evil:

Very nice thanks for sharing.
Regarding Adding Text you may be interested in this:

Rather a long Post but worth scrolling down to the Video Clips to find out how easy it is to use in practice.