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Alphabet.shapr (672 KB)

Hi guys,

For anyone looking to add text to their workspace, here’s a workaround until the function is added natively.

I put the characters on separate planes in groups of 5 or 6 to reduce slowdown.

Font is Arial

Anyone can feel free to upload their own fonts, numbers and non-alphanumerics



Thanks for this; sounds useful… However I can’t seem to DL the Shapr file. I always end up with a file titled text.txt…

Could someone supply directions how to DL this on an iPad Pro? Please.



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Just launch forum through safari…

Thanks, worked!


Can you explain the process used to create the text files in the first place? I need to create a 3D logo for my small business. Did you create the 3D characters in another program, save in an obj. File then import, or something like that?

I wrote down A-Z and a-z in a Pages document, and took a screenshot
Imported the screenshot into Shapr3D and traced the letters using sketches
I used different planes and moved the image accordingly so as to keep it tidy. Using different planes, I was able to rename the sketches, and hide the groups - I find Shapr slows down significantly when a certain number of sketches/lines/points has been reached.

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Thanks. I may have to give that a try.

Hi Rob
Just found your txt work around. A lot of work on your part.
Really well done.
Thanks for sharing the file.

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Look at this guys!

this is my workflow to create text & other shapes

Thanks for the info, I don’t own a pc though it’s mobile only for me

Where does this action save the file to on an iPad?
I go through the motions and it seems to indicate it has downloaded the file but I can’t find where it’s gone on the iPad.

Then just to preempt what’s going to be my next question.
Once I find the file how to I import into Shapr3D?


I would love to see text added to shapr so it can be extruded easily. This is how I’ve been handling it:

Use OpenSCAD with this line:

text("Your Text For Shar3d", "Arial SANS");
  • Save file
  • Menu->Design->Render
  • File->Export->DXF

Then import that into Shapr3d place, scale, extrude etc, etc.