How to Pivot an object from point off center

I have an panel that needs a pivot point nea one end rather than the center point. How do I do that

That is what I suspect. I think you are looking for the Transform menu.

These videos can help you how to use it:

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Ok, I found how to move the pivot point. That works, but does not produce the effect I need. I have one panel that needs to pivot between 2 other panels that are at right angles to each other, with a space between them. The pivoting panel must clear the other 2 as it pivots, and come to rest on one. I need to experiment with that pivot point, and be able to measure the center point to drill a hole.

I’ll send a rough drawing.

A drawing, or even a short video would very helpful. Hard to imagine what the actual problem is. :slight_smile:

It might be that you are actually looking a combination of Pivot + Translate. But if you send some visual, we’ll be able to help you.

What I need is to be able to do this in shapr3d and be able to get the dimensions and measurements of the pivot point from the edges of the rotated piece for fabrication. Also, of course, to extrude, etc.

For this your need the original location and the final location of the model you want to rotate.

  1. Take two corners and connect the original location with the final location of the corners.
  2. Now you need to draw the perpendicular bisector on both of these line segments.
  3. Where these two bisectors cross, that’s your pivot point. Rotate with 90 degress and bingo.

Attached a video that can help you.

You can also have the original model and only draw the final position of the edge you are connecting to. Do step2 and step 3 above, and there is your pivot point.

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Wow, thanks for the fast response and tutorial! Looks simple when you do it. I’ll try it out myself this evening.


Great. Let us know if you succeed!