How to lock pivot point of an object

Hello you beautiful people!

I’ve just started to use Shapr 3D and am in the process of getting my first design done. It’s a prototype for a tool I’d like to use for work.

The design has a body and a hook that has to rotate within that body. To test if the hook actually works and fits I’m rotating it to different angles to check the alignment.

Is there a way to specify the pivot point of an object so you don’t have to adjust it every time you select the “move/rotate” tool?

This would help a lot since I then know that the pivot point is always exactly the same.

I could use a work around and draw a small circle at the exact pivot point (as a reference) but specifying it seems better.


Hi - this is not possible currently. You have to adjust it every time you use Move / Rotate.

As a workaround you can create a second body, which you would select with your original body, this way you can play with how the pivot point is positioned automatically - this is a rather rough workaround.

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Thanks for your reply Daniel. I’ll just work with the work-around i’ve found. Maybe it will be a feature in the future :slight_smile: ?