How to switch UI from left to right

So I was working away using Astropad on an iPad and Spacemouse and all of a sudden, a notification popped up asking if I wanted to switch the UI from right to left handed. I inadvertently clicked on left and the tools are now reversed. How do I get back? Can’t find any reference in the manual.

Hi! You can switch between the UI sides from the Settings, under Interface. For more info, please have a look at this article:

Hi , thanks for the prompt answer. However, the examples are not the UI I am looking at. 5.22.0 on MacOS. There is no settings icon on either the design space or dashboard, at least that I can find.

Also, side topic, the snapping menu still does not work for me. I have reported this before and would like of get to the bottom of it. It seems specific to my installation - if I install a clean download on a virgin computer, it works, but not if I import my projects.

Oh sorry, I got confused as you mentioned that you were working on an iPad. Currently, it is not possible to relocate the UI on the macOS version.

Could you please tell me what is wrong with snapping?

You can do this through the program interface from the settings and choose the right or car interface

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Aha, so now we are really getting into the weeds! :slight_smile:
I was using an iPad with Astropad as a tablet for S3D. The iPad has S3D installed, but I was not logged in. Out of the blue, a dialog popped up saying it looked like I was using my left hand, would I like to switch the UI. Just to try it out, I said yes. Little did I suspect that there was no return… :slight_smile:

As for the snapping menu, I talked with Victor in tech support - #55276
The issue is that the snapping menu is only the last line. Latest OS, M1 iMac and Air. I did a fair bit of troubleshooting, deleted the app and data etc.

When I downloaded a fresh copy to my wife’s M1 iMac, it worked fine. So there is something in common with my installs that is causing the issue. I’m happy to do more troubleshooting and know my way around the OS. Hate to think about it, but a clean install and sequential reinstall of apps and data might find it. I hope you have better news. BTW, I love the way you are developing the app and your modern UI. I will help in any way I can.

Hey @Marco, thanks a lot :slight_smile: Can you please tell me if it was installed from a standalone dmg or the AppStore? Please also make sure that you have the latest, 5.22 version of Shapr3D.

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He is @marko with K

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Hi Peter, It looks like the App Store. I can re-install standalone on my laptop if you want to try it out.And yes, latest versions always. Support files to delete?

Hi! Before removing Shapr3D please make sure your projects are backed up properly - as Shapr3D Design if possible (.shapr extension)! Removing Shapr3D will remove all your designs.

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Backup files - check. My important designs are on my desktop iMac. The laptop is available as a test bed. So, delete app and reload from your site? Any files more than the app itself? Oh wait, it’s the desktop iMac that has the reversed UI. So I will do it there.

Please install it from the AppStore, the latest version is available from there

OK, as I have done before - deleted app and installed from App Store. My designs are still there and the UI is still switched snapping no work. Version is 5.22.0 (2018) as before.What else needs to be deleted to get a clean install? I can see the S3d container in /Library. OK, deleted Data folder from M1 Air container and reloaded app. Indeed, no drawings, but snapping menu still not working. Would this fix the UI reverse on my desktop?

Fixed switched UI: went to containers/Shapr3d/Data/Documents
Moved Documents to the desktop
Restarted S3d, which generated a new Documents folder
Quit S3D and replaced the virgin Documents folder with the original from my desktop.
Problem solved - original workspaces intact.
Now for the snapping menu…