Interface left/right flips

I’ve been away from Shapr3D for a month or two and now back at it, a few things seem to have changed, I like that the move/rotate has become more intuitive.

One thing, the interface left/right option on the settings seem to abruptly change on its own. I have mine set on the left, but sometimes it just flips.

It’s much easier to flip, in the previous versions the gesture was tap hold and swipe, now it’s just a swipe. Does it make accidental changes now?

Mine flipped left to right today without any obvious action on my part and I can’t flip it back, which is ok because I prefer it this way. Hoping it doesn’t flip back!

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FYI: If you swipe on the menu it can be changed or you can set it from settings as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Changing the Left/Right in the Menu Settings does not seem to alter the sensitivity of the swipe to change sides. I find that all too often it has changed without any positive input from me.
It would be useful if a Lock Button could be introduced alongside the Left/Right Buttons to allow those who constantly need to change sides while retaining control for those Users that like the Tools to stay put.

I didn’t mean you can change the sensitivity. Lock it would be overkill I think, but if these accidental flips happen too often, we might do something. For ex.: Getting rid of that gesture on the menu and you’ll be only able to change it from settings. :thinking:


Is this ‘swipe’ feature useful on maybe bigger ipads?
I’m on the 11” ipad and I haven’t found a need for it, but if someone uses both sides of menu just by flicking the thumb on whichever hand holding the ipad, that would be quite a mastery to witness, especially with the pencil holding hand already hovering over the screen.
Do some users swipe left/right often for a certain reason?

It should be in settings. It needs a deliberate and accurate swipe on the selection buttons but it’s quite hard to do when you want it to happen and too easy to do it when you don’t!

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I am being mindful of those that do operate S3D using their Thumbs to make Tool and Constraint selections.
IMHO it is far from ‘overkill’ to have a Lock Button in the Menu.
It offers the choice to utilise the ability to swop sides at a touch or to leave things locked until there becomes a reason to make a change.
Clearly this is affecting more than a few folk.
The ‘mastery’ is probably within S3D not something to be ‘worked at to attain’, just experiment with Fingers and Thumbs.
There are plenty of speeded up, almost pointless, Videos of ‘Experts’ showing off their tricks.
Get too close to the Screen Boarder and the Model goes spinning around instead of the Menus swapping sides.
A misplaced Thumb, seemingly especially between ‘greyed out’ Constraints, sometimes swaps sides and sometimes spins the Model.

If you need a lock button for a right/left switch, than I think there’s much for improvement in the implementation :smiley:
“There are plenty of speeded up, almost pointless, Videos of ‘Experts’ showing off their tricks.” - I don’t get what you are referring to? Is it related or a different topic, I’m lost :slight_smile:

I think that would be a great solution :+1:t2:
It happens to me quite often also, I thought it was a bug first, I am left handed and I believed it was resetting it self


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I am sorry. I misplaced the sentence and have corrected my Post accordingly.
My reference was to inform that if you search the www you can find S3D being used extremely quickly [despite being further speeded up by trickery] with the Thumbs of both hands being used. Of course the whole thing could be fake but then there are a lot of Videos and that would take a big time investment.

It might be helpful if a few Users would chime in, who would like to retain the present system, with a view to exploring if there is any reason a Lock Switch would cause anyone a real problem?

With regard to ‘sensitivity’, there is no way that this can now be verified, but IIRC on first use several months ago it was not as easy to Swap Menus as it is today. Again I must say that some Users may welcome this latter situation and it is important to keep as many folk ’ Happily S3Ding’ as possible.