How to turn visualisation off?

How do I get visualisation off my screen ? all I wanted was a simple colour change to a body and now I have a visualisation pane on the right that will not go away.

Is this a Mac only problem ?


I don’t have this issue on my MacBook Air M1. I simply click the ‘<’ at the top of the screen to return to the design screen.

Thanks - that works. I was looking around the right side of the screen, all the other controls are over there.

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Thank you @welshsteve, I’m a new user, and I had the same exact question. I looked all over for some way to get out of visualization mode, and finally exited the program to make it happen. (That worked, but I wanted a faster solution!)

My feedback: the left arrow isn’t that intuitive, at least not to me or @Andrew1.

A suggestion: going into visualization mode on my mac, I went to tools/visualize and clicked that menu option which turned on that mode. When I was trying to figure out how to turn it off, one thing I tried was going back to the same place. Some apps show a checkmark when a mode mode is on, in that case re-selecting the same menu option toggles the same mode back off.

The back arrow is faster than pulling down a menu, but less intuitive. Maybe there’s an even more intuitive approach that someone can think of someday, but for now I’d suggest enabling both options to reduce frustration for new users.

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