How to turn visualisation off?

How do I get visualisation off my screen ? all I wanted was a simple colour change to a body and now I have a visualisation pane on the right that will not go away.

Is this a Mac only problem ?


I don’t have this issue on my MacBook Air M1. I simply click the ‘<’ at the top of the screen to return to the design screen.

Thanks - that works. I was looking around the right side of the screen, all the other controls are over there.

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Thank you @welshsteve, I’m a new user, and I had the same exact question. I looked all over for some way to get out of visualization mode, and finally exited the program to make it happen. (That worked, but I wanted a faster solution!)

My feedback: the left arrow isn’t that intuitive, at least not to me or @Andrew1.

A suggestion: going into visualization mode on my mac, I went to tools/visualize and clicked that menu option which turned on that mode. When I was trying to figure out how to turn it off, one thing I tried was going back to the same place. Some apps show a checkmark when a mode mode is on, in that case re-selecting the same menu option toggles the same mode back off.

The back arrow is faster than pulling down a menu, but less intuitive. Maybe there’s an even more intuitive approach that someone can think of someday, but for now I’d suggest enabling both options to reduce frustration for new users.

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Right. And now there’s not even an arrow to exit visualisation mode. Shapr3D, really?

You can switch between spaces with the buttons on the left side.

Which buttons exactly? Neither one of these exits visualisation mode.

Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 11.33.06

Another screenshot, covering more of the window. I remember the < in a previous version before, it’s gone now though.

These ones


Ah I see, thanks. A little counterintuitive after entering visualisation mode. It would make more sense to be consistent throughout the app, similar to how you enter isolation mode, and a little exit popup at the very top.

They are quite different, as Isolation mode is a tool, while we consider both Visualization and Drawing a “space” separate from the modeling space, with their own specific sidebars and tools.

How we handle isolation right now is actually not optimal, and we will revisit it in the coming months.