Visualisations - bug or intended function?

I really like the new visualisation tools, but I’m not sure if I have a bug or whether if I’m experiencing is normal.

The scenario is that when I’m in visualisation mode, I can see the object pane and all items within it but I cannot show/hide items or folders whilst in visualisation mode. The button to show/hide is there but doesn’t do anything. To show/hide an item I have to toggle back into design mode, make the change, then go back into visualisation… which all feels a bit clumsy.

Surely showing/hiding items when in visualisations should be possible and if not why have the button still visible in the object pane? Am I missing something?

Would really appreciate some feedback on whether this experience is normal.

Many thanks.

Hello - yes, it is indeed quite clumsy, but we have plans to address the issue in the upcoming months.

Until then, please go back to design mode to control the visibility of items in case you need to hide/unhide.

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Thank you for the response @DanielR and for confirming that a fix for this is in the pipeline.

I look forward to your regular updates and it’s great to see Shapr3D getting better and better! :+1:

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