How would one go about trying to recreate these?

I would use 3D scan

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Well the basic shapes seem easy enough. For the designs you could try and sketch them as if they were 2D, then use the Project tool to apply it to the curved surface.

I would make the handle without the relief designs on it. Next I would convert the image to grayscale after I cut out the background in photoshop. Then import to the image to Corel Draw and use the trace tool. Export that to DXF. Import to shapr and then project the dxf to the handle.

I might also hand draw the relief in Corel Draw (or illustrator or other vector program) and export DXF etc etc etc. Shapr’s vector line tool is less efficient to me. But to be fare I used the other tools for 20+ years.

But I only have my Girlfriends iPad, so. I am also used to using multiple programs to achieve productive work.

… or just go to local casting company, give them this as element to make simple sand cast. I’ve seen such things done easy next day … and you don’t have to look at screen too long