I think I found a bug while doing an extrusion

I have faced this issue while tried to extrude from a surface on top of a cone shape. It should go straight up with no cone shape but it cannot do it without continuing the cone. This pisses me hugely. I cannot even sketch a circle on that top surface and extrude that without it getting cone shaped.

I found a solution: if you hide the cone body, after sketching that circle on top of it, it doesn’t make it cone shaped anymore. But yeah, definitely not something I wanna do everytime.

Hi Pepe, it’s great to know that you found a solution. I will pass on your feedback to our development team and we will further look into this. Thank you for your understanding.

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Pepe what you are explaining sounds like you want to project to a surface… I have just started playing with Shapr3D. In NX it is called projecting to a surface or a plane.

Or you can simply go to the extrude tool in the Tools menu, and select the top face. A much more elegant solution is coming for this btw in 2020/Q1.