I use shapr3d for interior design




Nice! Thanks for sharing. Can you tell us a bit about how you used Shapr3D?

That’s very impressive. What did you use to render the scene?

Sorry, the above two pictures are actual store photos.

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Nice work. I want to do similar projects with Shapr.

When I see the first 2 images (multiple lights sources), I thought perhaps you had used an external render solution like vray.

But they are actually real photos!

Nice! Assuming you’re on a computer and not the iPad?

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Can this be confirmed?
PJ-피스메이커.shapr (6.0 MB)

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sorry. I hate designing on the desktop, so I chose shapr3d, which allows me to design anytime. When I discovered this it was a blessing to me.


Due to upload capacity limitations, we are unable to deliver the data you are curious about…^^

Hey, I just updated your user level!



Happy new year 2023 can you add in new year ifc support thru


Floor plan support draw wall, windows, pipes air duct and library of custom furniture and elements created by users also export comatibile for simscale.

Best wishes

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