Your best Visualization shots

I’ve just created a new desktop wallpaper for myself using Visualization. Do you have any favorite Shapr3D Visualization shots that look so great that you’d even use it as a wallpaper?


That looks great Istvan :+1:

I’m using the one below my 27” monitor wallpaper. I have all my program icons around the edges and they show up nicely on the sky area.

Ideally I’d love the wallpaper to be higher resolution as 2732x2048 is pretty low detailed, even when upscaled.
Maybe we will have options for exporting images at 4k resolution or more in the near future? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, very nice, looks great!

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I had a play with this version in Procreate and like it better.

Wow this looks cool! Can you share the settings, how did you make this image?

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Thank you. In that second image, I used the transparent environment with ground shadow disabled in Visualizations and exported the Drone image as a PNG. Then in Procreate I imported a still image from a HDRI and placed the drone on a new layer onto it.

@Stephen thanks for the quick answer, but I actually meant the first image with the blue background. :slight_smile: