Iges export of edges (wire frame)

Is there a way to export just the wire frame geometry created by body edges ?.

Hi! Not yet, however, there is a workaround.

If you project the edges to the sides of the body as a sketch and export them as a DXF or DWG sketch, you’ll get something similar result. Please make sure to project the edges as sketches, not edges.

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I can see how this type of projection could give you sketch entities or wire frame to achieve different views in 2D, but I need 3D wire frame and in the Iges format.

Let me ask you this, does the Iges file of the solid body also contain the wire frame where maybe I can strip out what need by editing?

If not, when do you think this will become an option in the Iges export function?


Dan Molligan

At the moment, IGES and STEP formats transfer the 3D geometry only. If you wish to transfer sketches, please use one of the DWG or DXF formats.

Depending on the software you import the IGES file, getting the wireframe of the edges can be done by one tool. Could you please explain your workflow? It may help a lot.

The 3D geometry currently supported is solid geometry. I am looking for 3D wire frame geometry. This would then be imported to a sheet metal bending software to facilitate the automation of bending sheet stock material.

I plan to get better acquainted with the sheet metal bending software and I can better convey to you what the code needs as input and how it is processed.

I do know that solid works is able to export just the wire frame geometry as an IGES file and it does work with the sheet metal bending software.


Dan Molligan