I'm to old for this? lol i hope not

I’m trying to make a very simple vacuum cleaner type adapter attachment one and will have 2.5 inch the other in will have 1.25 inch, now others have tried to show me different ways like making a rectangles and putting them together to form this however how do you get it to take the round shape, then on the other end I made two cylinders and put them together and then try to make them into a shell and that seemed OK except for now I need to know how to make the wall thickness and still maintain the 1.25 inch and a 2.5 inch ends, I really need some help doing something that to me so it be really simple in this program and either I’m going about it wrong or I’m not understanding how it works too well but any help would be appreciated if somebody could show me like a step-by-step and the easiest way to do so so I can understand thank you. I have attached my file I’m not even sure how it really made it LOL, because I had to remove the bottom Lake Circle before the Shell would take a fact I don’t even know why I had to do that when I thought it just be a whole shell…shapr3d_export_2021-08-10_12h16m.shapr (31.1 KB)

I looked over you file. First, you created diameters twice the size you wanted. Remember to use radii when specifying circles. Your model also shows a taper at the smaller diameter end of the adapter. Did you mean to have it tapered?

Anyway, here is a simple method of creating your adapter. I used Revolve and Shell. The outer diameters are 1.25" and 2.5" respectively with a 1/8" wall thickness.


Thanks so much!, I figured the circle would be 2.5, pretty stupid on my part, on the taper idea someone told me to do that, I did not want it that way, I just wanted at first to put to cylinders together then chamfer the joint somehow I was thinking to give it a smooth look. Now on that line idea did you sketch then it looks like half of the object, then you used the revolve tool to revolve it all the way around… correct? how did you get draw the sketch just using the line tool I see correct, then how do the line sizes show up? or do they automatically? i was doing this on a mac, also i will also try on my iPad…

Correct, I drew a sketch reflecting 1/2 of the object. You should review some of the tutorial videos available including Sketches. BTW, I have a few years over you :sunglasses:

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I did review sketch’s videos and extrusion videos, the closet thing i found was drawing the circle and extruding it to make a cylinder, nothing that was close to what i was trying to learn…

how many years lol, maybe im not a lost cause then lol but i never came from this kind of thing in design…maybe some have more experience than me.