Importing csv data and binding measurements to objects?

Hi, new here and very new with Shapr3D.

Is it possible to bring data from excel to Shapr3D and bind it straight to objects? I’m not very familiar with 3D-softwares, but I’m trying to find solution for 3D-printing idea.

In Shapr3D there are no parametric dependencies.
Not even the sketches are connected to the 3D objects, it’s a direct modeled concept.

I see, thank you. Maybe I can live with that.

Another question: Is there some way to split this kind of thing to pieces? Maybe 40 x 40 cm.

Skyline diffuser

I don’t really understand your second question.
Do you want to know if you can draw this diffuser?
Yes, of course, these are just squared timbers of different lengths lined up next to each other.
Just do the basic learning videos of Shapr3D, you will learn how Shapr3D works and you can then draw it yourself.
If you still have problems drawing cubes in different lengths, you are welcome to ask for help again.

I think I understand how it works, but if I draw diffuser 2000 x 1500 mm, (the whole thing) is there way to split it pieces because I don’t have 3D-printer so big. I need also mark them somehow so that I know where to put each piece when I assemble it.

I could of course draw them one by one, but I thought it may be easier that way, if I could split them on Shapr3D.

(Not my first language, hope you understand what I’m talking about)

Of course you can also share bodies.
See the instructions here:

You can also label the bottom so you know which part goes where.
See the instructions here:

You actually learn all this in the learning videos provided by Shapr3D.
I would use this, it’s the best way to learn.

Thank you so much. I’m a bit shamed because those were so easily find. I should search myself a bit more before asking childish questions.