Importing into Unreal Engine 5

I’ve just come across this program and found it pleasantly easy to adapt to. Yes I’ve run into some problems but who hasn’t. That said, I’m trying to figure out how I go about adding my own custom textures to parts of a door that I’m working on. Do I need a 3rd party program to do so? And if that’s the case, what are my options? Currently when I import my door into UE5 after adding visualizations in Shapr3d, I just get a gray door with no option to colorize individual parts of it.

We are facing the same challenge. UE5 imports .fbx, that Shapr3D does not support. The only way to get models into UE5 in .fbx, is to export from Shapr3D in .x_t, then import that file into Autodesk Fusion 360, then export that file in .fbx. But it does not seem to carry the textures over, just the models, but we’re still experimenting. TBH, Shapr3D should add support for .fbx export considering it’s used by game developers and Shapr3D is excellent for modelling game assets!

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I import into ZBrush and substance painter with zero problems. You might be able to export from those into UE5.

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Not UE, but I’ve used Shapr3D models in Unity by exporting to obj and then creating the textures in Unity.

I certainly wouldn’t say that CAD programs are good for games though. With the abundance of addition triangles, you’ll find yourself having to remove faces wherever possible to keep performance up. I learned that the hard way when developing a VR experience.

My advice would be to either export into Blender first and then export as an .fbx or start in a program like Blender.