Importing objects/residential remodels

My main gig is kitchen and bath remodels. I find Shapr3d amazing for furniture design and initial rendering, but something that saves a great deal of time with other programs (sketchup/fusion) is that I have endless ability to download objects such as lighting, appliances, sinks, etc. McMaster is great, but more for hardware, not exactly for picking out a fridge, oven, or dishwasher. Is there something or someway to import from google warehouse or something similar to save a great deal of time so I won’t be taking time modeling a dang fridge, sink, or oven? I feel all the choices out there at the moment are geared more towards engineering/hardware etc.
Thanks in advance! Great program! Love the new pattern tool!

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Have you looked at

Yes, You mentioned it a year ago and they didn’t have much in the way of what I needed, but after revisiting this morning, they do now!


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