Inability to import sketch or model

I have bought Ipad recently and have a problem with importation. When i want to share, there are no any apps, then program stop to work at all. The sharing menu differ from represented in the tutorial.

Hi Lera, to help us better understand the issue please can you share a screenshot of what you see when you try importing the file. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for sending this over - this issue surfaced in the recent days. We are investigating the issue currently, but we haven’t been able to reproduce the bug yet.

Any background on your setup (iPadOS version, Device type) would be a help to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks for your answering

what do you mean about background on setup?

App version, iPadOS version, Device type - anything that might be useful - also, your .shapr file might be useful as well, please send it to or

Did you see what i’ve sent?


Thanks, we’ve received it. We appreciate your patience while we further investigate this issue