Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny Prop and Charity Work

I just wanted to share this because I think it is more a testimonial to Shapr3D as an awesome app than any skill on my behalf. We made a cool prop, made some money for good causes and I have Shapr3D to thank for it.

I wanted a Dial of Destiny Prop for the new Indiana Jones movie but they didn’t exist for sale anywhere.
A year or two ago, I knew almost nothing about 3d modeling. I’d successfully scanned a few objects and printed them but to create something somewhat complex from scratch wasn’t even a possibility. I’m technical (a mobile app and database developer) with better-than-average figure-it-out skills but no formal education or experience in CAD. I also have the attention span of a sack of squirrels in a washing machine hooked to a keg of Red Bull.

For a few months I’ve been tinkering in Shapr3D to make this prop based on limited screenshots from trailers and promos. Eventually, I made a passable prop and started to sell off the prototype prints on eBay, really hoping to just recoup a little filament cost to restock the shelves. The prototypes started sell for more than I expected, so I started to promote the auctions with 50% going to St. Jude, American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald Houses, etc.

So, anyway - just wanted to say thanks for making such an awesome iPad app. I really appreciate that you’ve made these creation tools more accessible, the UX more natural. This is one of the few use cases of pure creation that I think is perfectly suited on the iPad Pro and you knocked it out of the park. You helped me make a thing and raise a couple thousand dollars for various charities in the process.

Feel good about what you’ve done here, I do.

Prop on Printables
Prop Build Blog Post


Very nice!

Now there’s a mental image :grinning:


This looks amazing! nice job :+1: