Individual components properties

Hi There, is it possible to apply different properties to each separate component.
For instance, I create drawings of historic buildings and would like to be able to colour and texture different building fabric differently. i.e. Timber - brown, brick - red, etc.
Is this possible ? And if not, is it something you are planning on in the future?

Many thanks

Roadmap for the next 6 weeks:

  • improvements in constraints
  • image import
  • colors
  • construction geometry

So yes, colors are coming very soon :slight_smile:


Colors. Excellent. :relaxed:

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Until it’s built-in, could you please recommend how we could add colors, different surfaces, and lighting to our models? Ideally something free or affordable. Thank you!

@awoodhead has an app for that I think.

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Hi there. I have tried quite a few iPad apps for rendering and coloring models made in Shapr. If you have a look at the ‘Share my creations’ part of this forum and scroll up to Jan and Feb 2016 and look at some of my posts you will see how I used Procreate and i3D viewer for this. This pic shows example of overlaying a wood texture on a Shapr model in Procreate.


Image import - that’s the one I’m waiting for! :scream:


Thanks @awoodhead for recommending Procreate and i3D Viewer - I will check them out. Would be really cool to be able to do that in Shapr3D someday!

By the way… Your work is remarkable - thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

Many thanks for the feedback. Would be good to see how you get on colouring your models. Remember to set the blend mode to ‘overlay’ when adding a colour layer above your model render layer in Procreate. This keeps the shape and shading of your model. Good luck with it.

I am so exited about updates coming, it will be great!