Colors are here! - Shapr3D 2.2

You probably heard, but if not: we just released Shapr3D 2.2.

The release contains the color feature, an onboarding issue fix and many stability and reliability improvements.

Here is the list of things you can do with Colors (find it in the Tool menu):

  • color shapes and groups
  • set the default color for new shapes (instead of grey)
  • set saturation, luminosity, opacity

I’m putting here two resources, which will help you master the new tool.
A blog post:

and a full tutorial video:

As always, we also created 4 smaller in-app tutorials to the new features. You can find them in the app when you start using a new feature.

Make sure to download the new version, and we would love to see some before-after pictures of your models.

Have fun modeling


Very, very, cool with colors now! Or colours as we spell it in Canada. Brings modelling to a whole new level. Excellent work guys!


Am I right that colors are available only in the PRO version? I am new to Shapr3d, and will probably not need a $99 subscription, but sure would like the color feature!

Forgot to add that I am new to 3d modeling. I want to model the interior of a van conversion that I am planning on doing this summer. The very little I’ve played around with Shapr3d makes me think it is the way to go. Can Colors be purchased as an upgrade without the annual Pro package?

Yes, you are right, colors are a pro feature. Unfortunately you can not separately buy the coloring feature :frowning: