Input fractions using keyboard

I have been using Shapr3d for a while now and I primarily use keyboard and mouse to navigate it(iPad using keyboard case and on Windows using keyboard and mouse).

I would like if you were able to input fractions using just the keyboard. This would mean inputting a number, then pressing ‘space’ to be able to input the fraction. This would save a lot of time when inputting measurements and improve workflow. This used to be doable in an earlier version, but it has since been removed.

Currently, if I wanted to make a rectangle that was 25 1/2 x 25 1/4, I would have to input 25 for the height and width, then use my mouse to click on the measure to bring up input field. From there I would have to click on the fraction symbol and then click on the numbers for the fraction. This takes up an unnecessary amount of time and discourages me from working with fractions.


Or just do a little mental math and input 51/2 or 101/4.

That’s not really an acceptable workaround – nobody thinks about dimensions that way. It’s always whole inches and fractional inches. Besides, you shouldn’t ask the user to do mental math when they’re using a computer, seeing as doing math is the reason computers were invented.

I’d very much like to see the feature requested by Carlosl.

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