Interactive Software options for presenting our creations?

I’ve been asked to explore options to present a couple of my CG designs as interactive training items. For instance, if a button is clicked on, it would result in a pop up explanation or even a short video clip.
I was wondering if anyone here could point me to suitable and easy to use software for that?

I’m not sure if this would help, but Shapr3D has a tutorial mode. Check this post from TigerMike

Hi Stephen,
look for “UX-Prototyping-Software”. This should be able to define buttons and areas and actions that are triggered when the user is clicking on them.
Here is a short overview:

But I do not have any expierience, so I am afraid I can’t be more helpful than that. :wink:
Cheers Matt

Thanks for replying guys. The UX link is very interesting, I’m looking at that now. Also intend checking out the latest updates to JigSpace.