Skipping intro tutorial

Hi There - I just started using Shapr3D on the iPad. Is there a way to disable or skip your introductory tutorials when opening the software? I’m practicing for small blocks of time each day and sitting through those tutorials each session keeps me from the lessons I’d prefer to work on.

Thanks much.


Just go through them once, you can still reach them in the app, Learn tab / Redo the basics. Until you have finished it once, it will keep popping up.

Super, thanks very much Laci.

this is a waste of time if you have familiarity with cad. at least let us skip section by section, so i don’t have to learn how to pan. my last tutorial didn’t even save, and now i’m forced to go back through it. such a stupid policy

I also have a problem with the introduction here. With me the whole thing stops at (2). There is no continue button there. So I don’t get any further. I get stuck and have been trying to solve the problem for half an hour. I don’t need an introduction either. I have already looked at all your tutorials. Honestly, I’m just sitting here wondering why I have to waste my time with something like this.
I would like to skip the unnecessary introduction. Is that possible?

Hi @WsWs , not it’s not possible to skip the tutorial. Where did you get stuck exactly? Can you share a screenshot?

Here is my screenshot. But why isn‘t it possible to skip the introduction? I work with Rhino3D, Moment of Inspiration and Vectorworks. I think i don‘t need an introduction. I have been riding a bike for over 30 years. And when I buy a new bike, I can ride it right away and don’t have to take a course in cycling first :wink:
My Sys-Config: iPad pro 2. Gen. + iOS 15.7

You haven’t drawn a circle yet, that’s why the next button doesn’t show up.

Hello Istavn,
thank you for your help. I did not know that I necessarily have to draw a whole circle. I thought a few arcs would be fine too. But now I know how to draw a circle. I will now try to copy everything shown in the introduction very very very exactly :wink: Jokes aside: You may have reasons why you can’t turn off the intro. But I find it a bit absurd. Please don’t take it personally. But I just want to move on quickly here and it’s soon weekend.

Shapr3D is quite different from most CAD systems. We’ve learned over the years that on average the odds of success of users skipping the tutorial is much much lower than for those who complete it.

Please remove this, or add a Skip button.

This feels like an incredible waste of time and also a form of patronizing. To block your users from getting started with the app, goes against every UX convention.

You don’t know the context of users installing this app. You can’t know if they have time for this. Nor do you know their experience level.