Intersect face and plane


I have a plane created on which I want to intersect the body to get its cross section in a sketch, how do I do this?![image|689x481]



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One method is to Select/Highlight the Plane

Use Transform > Move/Rotate to manoeuvre the Plane into the desired position.

If that does not help just shout.

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i want to intersect the plane and body to get cross section profile in a sketch on that plane.
example : if i intersect a plane and sphere, i want to get circle in a sketch

It is assumed that you know how to Add > Construction plane in the position required. If this is not the situation please advise.

Can you understand the following?

The actual Body used will be your choice, the Plane can be placed as you wish [in this case it has been positioned to illustrate how it can be moved]:

This shows exact placement on the Y Axis, remember that the Plane extends across the whole of S3D and not just the area highlighted:

Use your Finger to Double Tap on the Plane, this will align the view and enable Section View when it’s Icon is Tapped:

Tap the Section View Icon to create the Section View of the Body. In the last ScreenShot the Plane has been hidden:


Thank you very much for explaining. I have got up to the last step you mentioned. What I want is the next step, where I want to project the cross section on the plane (project only cross section, not the body) and create a feature referencing the cross section, please help


I am unsure as to the end result you are seeking.

Is this:

or this:

nearest to the end result you wish to achieve?

The second one. My part has complex shape though.

(In your example, you should be getting two separate rectangles , because that is the cross section)

How to do that?

Also in you first picture, have you split the body with plane?

My understanding is that you want a Profile of the Cut Face rather than a Section View.

Similar to this:

Yes correct. And I want that at the location where I have created the plane

This was achieved by:

Placing a Construction plane above the Body and Sketching an appropriate sized Rectangle:

The Rectangle was Selected and drawn downward completely through the Body in one movement:
Note that in the following I have used the Cube Body, in my previous Post a replication more similar to your body has been used. Adjust the position of the Rectangle to remove a quarter of the Circular Body.

To obtain the Profile you need Select the appropriate Faces use Tools > Project onto an appropriate Construction Plane.
If this is in the incorrect position you can move the Projected Sketch or review the position when Adding the Construction plane to accept the projection.

Thank you very much sir, this works.

I will have to make a copy of my body and do the operations you mentioned, otherwise I will lose my main body.

I would have loved a direct option like “intersect” inside the sketch to get the profile, but I think I will have to work around like this for now.

Thank you

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ALWAYS Duplicate the Original File and appropriately Name that duplicate, then work within the duplicate.

You are right sir, thank you!

You are most welcome :sunglasses:

To have a tool that produced this directly would be a huge step forward. I do building construction drawings which include sections through the building. To be able to produce a sketch directly from a section cut would save a huge amount of work.

The method that has been suggested isn’t so bad for simple objects and selecting a handful of lines to project and form a sketch. But a detailed section through a building would involve selecting 100’s of lines.

At the moment I have to cut a section, export as a pdf (or similar), and then import into Concepts and draw it all again.

If I could select the ‘face’ of a section cut and export a ‘sketch’, dxf, directly, it would be a big leap forward for my workflow.


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Yes! This would be useful in the real world.

In the above a slightly different output was required.
IIUYC you want to be able to Create a Cross Section View of your Constructions.

The Tools for this are:

Add > Construction Plane


The Cross Section Icon switch [at lower right of the Screen] that Switches Cross Sections On, or with the next click Off.
For this ‘Switch’ to function a Plane must be in Focus.

In the following a Construction Plane was added to the Front Right of the Cube and then Offset 10mm to the Rear/Centre Line of the Cube:

Double Tap using a Finger on this Construction Pane will bring it into Focus with a square on view and displaying the Grid.
Click the Section View Icon and the Section View, through that Plane, will display. It looks rather dowdy so the Plane has been Switched Off within Items to improve the effect.
Note that the Face of the Section View is not defined with a Black Outline.

Other Components butting up to the Cube merge visually, giving rise to the alternative MO shown in earlier Posts:

This shows the effect of closely positioned Bodies where the Section View obscures reality:

If there is a need to emphasise a particular Body there are plenty of opportunities to use Tools > Colour:

Hi Gelphyn and thanks for your thoughts.

You have misunderstood the final outcome I am looking for. I want to end up with an exportable 2D vector drawing (sketch) which can be used in other vector based apps. I am happy with the processes you describe in getting a sectional view, ie the yellow hatched fill. But I can’t select it and export a sketch based on it.

Cutting the model in half with another object and then selecting the resulting faces is fine with a couple of objects (as in your description), but what if my section includes 100’s of faces all of which need selecting in order to project to a sketch?

Shapr can produce a sectional ‘view’ and it can produce 2D sketches from selected edges/faces. I want to be able to avoid the considerable effort to get from one to the other between these by being able to create the 2D sketch straight from a sectional view.

I hope this makes more sense and the outcome I am looking for clearer.

Thanks again

Sorry I misunderstood, lead on by the Topic of an existing Thread.
Search this Forum for Dimensions. A feature that would enable these details to be inserted, in 2D and 3D output, as required would be most welcome.
There is no way to achieve your objective without a fair amount of selecting. I sympathise with the task you face, and for thast reason have not attempted to create a Building Cross Section. My interest is Dimensioned 3D output to convey details for the Workshop. Achieving this is not cost effective and the outcome is less than satisfactory.

Section View will not allow Projection of it’s Edges and only Faces of non-section objects, the workaround is to ‘slice’ the Bodies in the manner suggested in:

Then Select the relevant Faces, Project onto a Plane and then Add Dimensions, see:

To present a dimensioned Sketch:

Or via a DXF Viewer:

Thanks for your further thoughts Gelphyn.

Looks like this is one for the wish list for the future. Would be a big leap to be able to go straight from section cuts to 2D sketches/drawing exports.

And talking of exports, export to pdf would be another good thing to add.