iPad - 3.56 - Align tool 2.0

Hi everyone!

When we first introduced the Align tool, we designed it so that you can align the planar faces, edges, and snap points of 3D objects with other 3D objects. Once you finish aligning, you can easily reposition the aligned object as you wish.

After we released the Align tool, we didn’t call it a day; we went right back to work and brainstormed more ideas. And here we are—we’re unleashing the amped-up tool in version 3.56. Now, you can align the faces, edges, or snap points of 3D bodies in your design space with:

After you align a 3D body, you can use the canvas controls and Flip badge to add some finishing touches. If you’d like a refresher on these gizmos, take a look at our support article.

And FYI, we did a complete revamp of our Italian localization in version 3.56.2!