iPad - 3.59 - Hover effects 2.0


We fleshed out hover effects in our app’s latest update. So, when you hover over sketches, faces, and 3D bodies with your mouse or trackpad while sketching, our app will instantly highlight relevant elements:

  • Guide points, including centers, midpoints, and endpoints
  • Guide lines

Thanks to this, you can build onto your sketches with extra precision.

In other news, we optimized our tutorial videos for Offset Edge, Boolean (Subtract, Intersect, and Union), and Spline tools for mouse/trackpad and keyboard users. You can watch the videos by activating the tool and selecting the thumbnail at the top of the screen.


The resolution of these videos is far too low, you can’t see anything.

Hi Nitro,

Please take a look at the identical post in our Manual :slight_smile: 3.59 - Hover effects 2.0 – Shapr3D Help Desk

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