Any way to hide video tutorials while designing?

The video tutorial pop up at the top of the screen is always getting in my way. Is there a way to hide this or temporarily remove it from the UI?

There should be a close button on the video if you tap on it.

Sorry, I don’t mean the actual video, just the pop up at the top. For example, I know how to draw a line already, it gets in the way and I have to zoom out and back in around it while drawing.

Ah, I see. No, you can’t hide that unfortunately. I am assuming you are working on a smaller iPad? Maybe we should implement this differently for smaller screens.

Funnily enough, nope … using this on the 12.9 iPad Pro. The reason for the real estate is largely because the drag handles for a sketch are always in the Centre of the sketch line (which is a bit of a gripe of mine) and therefore If I’m trying to line up an edge, I have to zoom way out to get to the grab handles but then I lose the smaller scale which means less accuracy when dragging handles. Ideally the adjustment grab handles should always be in view no matter the zoom level and not in the center of a sketch line.

Interesting, this is great feedback, thank you. I’ve sent it to our design team for consideration.

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