Ipad 6th Generation

Hi, i am a mechanical engineering student and i am going to buy 2018 ipad with a good deal. Is it enough for most of the things? Couldnt find any performance info. In addition i have a powerful pc ,probably not going for really big files with tablet. Could you recommend it?

Shapr3d will run smoothly on the 2018 iPad Pro. We recommend the iPad Pro as at the moment this is best supported by Shapr3d.


I wanted to say ipad 6th generation (2018). Not pro.

we also support the 6th Gen iPads. With bigger files obviously it won’t be as flawless as the new iPad Pros, but I personally used Shapr3D on it, without a problem :slight_smile:


You could also consider getting a good deal on an old iPad Pro 10.5 inch, if you can still find one, now that this is really obsolete with the release of the iPad Air 10.5 this week. The Air has A12 (not A12X) processor, and the old 10.5 pro has the A10X processor - haven’t seen a detailed comparison between these 2 processors, but they have a 20% or so general benchmark difference. I bought the old 10.5 pro in November and am really happy using Shapr3d with it. If you are a student, then you may appreciate getting a Smart Keyboard to go with either of the 10.5 models and a case with a pencil holder (You need a pencil if you didn’t know).

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I changed my mind and bought 10.5 pro. Benchmarks shows that this is much more futureproof :slight_smile:


Ok great. The 2017 iPad Pro I guess, not the 11 inch 2019 iPad Pro? Either way a good choice

Yes, 2017 version. Also I highly recommend pro versions whoever undecided about that.