Buy/Wait Advise for iPad Pro Needed

Hi All,
This is my first post and is aimed at existing iPad Pro and Shapr3D users, if possible. I’m a so-so Adobe Illustrator user with no 3D background but have decided to go with Shapr3D and upgrade to an iPad Pro 2. I’m under time pressure to learn and produce some decent looking concept drawings for a crowdfunding proposal so not sure I should hold out for the iPad Pro 2 to arrive with projected ship dates running out as far as next November. Anyone here an Apple Exec. willing to talk, heh, heh!
In a nutshell, I’d really appreciate feedback from those “living it” whether I’d be better to go with the newer 9.7" or older 12.9" existing models. I’m thinking in terms of small screen struggles , memory issues, whether Shaper would benefit “significantly” from a more powerful processor keeping in mind I’m a newbie not a power user and whether one or the other is more likely depreciate more when the new models come out. Well that was quite a mouthful!
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Gerry V

I would definitely go with the big one. If I didn’t have to code, it would have replaced my laptop.

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Large iPad Pro has worked well for us from the get go
It handles a host of our Photography tweaking and all the designing we do with Shapr
The larger screen with the multitasking is a huge time saver!

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What I would suggest:

Wait for the WWDC event in June 2017. Only 4 weeks left. If the iPad Pro 2 gets announced, buy that one. If it’s not released then, go with the iPad Pro 1.

The bigger iPad Pro (12.9) has a bigger screen, it’s much better for work and also for Shapr3D. The small iPad Pro (9.7) has the portability advantage, but that’s all I guess.

Used the Shapr3D app on both sizes, I would go with the big one.

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Thanks kindly for the replies. Based on this info I’ll wait to see what comes out of WWDC. Depending on when the new 12.9" would become available, I’ll then decide whether to wait or grumble and go with the existing one.
Gerry V

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I had the same concerns… I gave in and got the 12.9 128gb LTE version. Sure, Apple will come out with something better but I have kids and they love hand-me-downs. :wink:

In the meantime, I’m getting things done and it has been beneficial in my line of work.


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