Ipad 2018 and Ipad pro vers 1 performance


I just noticed this software and lately I have been checking different reviews and I would be highly interested to test it. I have been modeling with Sketchup for 10 years and I am also printing many of my 3D models nowadays. Shapr3D could be ideal next step because Sketchup has not developed over the years. I don’t have a Ipad Pro or Ipad 2018. Therefore I am considering different alternatives to test it. Most probably I will buy buy Ipad 2018 or second hand Ipad Pro in order to keep the investment low as possible before making any decisions.

How is with performance in general? Is there enough processing power in Ipad 2018 and Ipad Pro 12,9 inch the first version? If I remember correct there were some comments that there was quite some difference in performance when comparing Ipad Pro version 1 and version 2.

Are there a meaningful differences with Apple pens version 1 vs. version 2? If I understood correct with Ipad 2018 and older Ipad Pros you can only use the version 1 Apple pen.

I too was a Sketchup (Pro) user. Shapr3D saved me having to buy another subscription to SU Pro and a faster desktop computer to run it.

Shapr3D is simply a far superior product with excellent support.

If you are going to buy an iPad to test it out, go with the latest; I upgraded to the iPad Pro 11”. In general it is a phenomenal machine.

I suggest that you go this way as you can make an accurate assessment. The difference in cost is trivial compared to your future success.




I definitely recommend the new 2018 iPad Pro over any older version. It is somewhat faster and has a range of much higher storage capacities.

But, IMHO, a better reason is the increased screen size. The “small” one has an 11" diagonal viewing area vs. 10.5" for the older model without increasing the physical size. The larger model keeps the same 12.9" diagonal screen size but with a significantly smaller form factor – much easier to hold or transport.

Also, pencil support is dramatically improved. The newest pencil attaches magnetically to the top of the display (side in portrait orientation) which makes it much more convenient to use and keep charged. In just the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that I use the pencil a lot more because it is so convenient. Also, the new 2nd gen. pencil has a double tap on the body of the pen gesture available which is likely to become a convenient shortcut for quick access to certain functions in Shapr3D as well as other programs. And the charging method for the older pencil is awkward to say the least.


Thanks for your comprehensive replies. I can clearly see that there has been quite some improvement when introducing the version 3 of Ipad Pros. Anyway, my challenge is that if I wanted to trial Shapr3D with these new models it would cost me about 1000-1200, which is way too much for my budget. In this stage I would like to just test the Shapr3D. I see that Sketchup will still be the main 3D modeling tool for me for a while. One additional reason for me to test Shapr3D is that my 7 years old daughter always wants to draw with Sketchup but it is still too difficult for her to even “play with Sketchup”. I hope that Shapr3D and Apple pen could help her to start learning 3D soon.

This is the reason why my plan has been to buy Ipad 2018 with A10 processor or even Ipap Pro earlier versions for 400 euros and test the Shapr3D. In case that I don’t find my self too much using it I could still use the Ipad 2018 for other purposes. In case of buying Ipad pro version it would be more waste of money to use the pro version for web surfing and watching TV programs. Anyway I would like to make sure that when I test the software I have Ipad that can run the Shapr3D properly.

I will still need to consider what could be the best way and Ipad model to test the Shapr3D.

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Your choice is all right according to your budget. Go forth and conquer! My friends are still working with the 1st gen 12.9 with no problem reports working on Shapr3D. Even some of Shapr3D dev team just recently switched to the new iPads.


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One additional question. How do you usually use Ipad when modeling? Do you hold with your hand/lap or do you still have on table supported by some kind of stand or Ipad cover?

I just visited an electronic store I was surprised how big the 12.9 Ipad Pro is. There is definitely a huge difference between the working are when comparing 12.9 vs. 10.5 / 11 / 9.7 sizes but I would assume that these are used in different manner also.

Larger displays make hands exhausted if not laid on a surface, they make fairly large torque; also again when in hands, I desired the display to be more far from face while checking mails and surfing in social networks or watching clips. I used to have a 12.9 for 2 years but now satisfied with the 10.5 using it for a year. When modeling, of 60-70% of time, the device is held in my hands, the rest I will use a tilt of 20 degree with the aid of the keyboard magnets on its backside. The 2nd state, is more comfortable.