iPad crashed

My iPad is backed up on icloud. Restored today and my designs are gone…

Any suggestion?

Hi, design workspaces within the app are not saved as files and when the app is deleted all designs are deleted as well.

For proper backup, you would need to export the design in a preferred format and then save the exported file to the cloud. If this was the case, the memory restore would have also restored the designs.

The app wasn’t deleted, my iPads battery is dead and wont recharge.
I back up to the cloud every day… when I restored to a new iPad … the designs did not follow…

Alex Hristo

Hi Alex, thanks for more background information.

The app is completely local and all designs are saved locally on the device.
Logging into the app on a different device with your username does not automatically transfer the designs.
You will need to export the designs from the old device and then send them to the new device( using Airdrop).

May be Go to settings on your ipad:


-on your name


  • slide the S3D button
  • manage storage
  • backups
  • choose your ipad
  • slide the S3D button, here can check the full size saved data

I use this settings. I moved three times for new ipad ( two times when break down and the Apple changed, and one time to the new one to the 2018 pro) and allways get back my designs.
But when the moving can be planned, I have saved my disigns to the clouds( Onedrive, or Dropbox)