Ipad Pro 2021 . April 20th event

So the apple event is just days away:)

Who think we will see Shapr3d being showcased again? I wouldn’t be supriced if it was.:sweat_smile:
Shapr3d will be a killer on this new Ipad. A big jump in performance and a mini led screen? What more to come?

I’m exited and I want one :slight_smile: Then get the brown leather Zugu Case for it :wink:


I wish for more ram on the next mini.

More ram. And M1 mac performance.
Maby a stronger body? (So it doesńt bend anymore) Stainless steel? Titanium :stuck_out_tongue:
Even better lidar for more accurate scanning?

My prediction is that Shapr3d will be a part of the keynote to show the possibilities of pro work on an ipad. And then there will be an shapr3d update the same day with new features. (Selection tool etc?)

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Anybody who had a Titanium Powerbook will tell you that titanium does dent without too much force. Anodized aluminum is a harder substance.

Told ya :wink:

Atleas Shapr3d was mentioned. You Should have been in the call though

Did Procreate just colour an AR model? :open_mouth:

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Would be nocw to try out this in combination with shapr3d

And guess I was right;)

Keynote mention and new update/release