New Ipad are dropping today. :)

I am afraid this will hurt my wallet today :stuck_out_tongue: My Ipad Pro 2018 has seen better days.


And congratulations to Shapr3d and @Istvan for yet another mention :wink:



I`m not supriced you have one already :wink:

I also see Octane X is coming to the Ipad. Race Tracing Rendering :slight_smile:
And Davinchi Resolve…


Nice with the new Hover function on the apple pencil. This is maby something shapr3D can use.


Actually we don’t :slight_smile: It’s from the new iPad’s promo video.

Wow, ray tracing on iPad at last!

I have the 11" 2021 Pro and love it, but really want the 12.9" screen for the extra real estate in Shapr3D. I’m waiting to see if the stated performance increase is worth the price of the new model or if I’ll just wait for the 2021 12.9" to go on sale :grin:

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This would be a game changer, especially from a sketching standpoint. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve started a sketch element, aiming for a particular starting point and missing that point when the pencil made contact with the screen.

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It will be fully supported :slight_smile:


Aww… What a tragic accident y fully insured 2020 12.9” iPad Pro seems to have suffered.

It was simultaneously stolen while being run-over by a truck after having a dog try to eat it.

I guess that ATT will have to replace it with a new iPad Pro

(That is sort of how I got this iPad Pro — The 2020 12.9”, with Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil — I am kind of bummed that the newer iPad Pros do not support Wacom Tablet Styluses, but the Apple Pencil is getting improvements too — iPad Pro).

I will need to wait until a month or so after the new iPad Pros ship to make a claim regarding this incipient “accident,” so that they will have sold all of their older stock off.

But really I wish that Apple would get its ass in gear for the 27” iMac replacement and the Mac Pro replacement.

I suspect that the next Mac Pro will have a top-end that goes into the $100K+ Territory, given the current one tops-out at around $60K ($75K with the top-of-the-line Apple 32” Monitor).

But as things are going now, by 2025 it is likely we will be able to do Hollywood level VFX with nothing but an iPad.

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I preordered a 2022 512GB Wi-Fi iPad Pro 12.9” today to replace my 4th gen iPad Air. Fortunately, I didn’t have to order an Apple Pencil because Apple didn’t update it from 2nd gen. I do need a new case though.


Nice! Get the Apple keyboard. I’m very happy with mine.

I have a Logitech Folio keyboard case for my iPad Air and never use it. I figured it would be the same story with the iPad Pro. I’m not a touch typist, so the virtual keyboard works fine for me.

I second Mike’s comment about the Apple Magic Keyboard. It’s outstanding as both a stand and keyboard. While I don’t use the keyboard much for Shapr3D other than Delete and adding Text. it enables the iPad to essentially replace my Macs and PCs.

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I swear to the Zugu cases. Combined with a bluetooth keyboard(Satechi Slim X1) and the magic touchpad.

The Zugu case is rock solid in multiple angles.
And have a great build quality.

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What annoys me about these new Ipad Pros is that they still start at 128GB storage and 8GB ram. You have to get the 1TB version to get the 16GB ram :confused: That skyrockets the price and with celluar and price increases it makes this almost a 3000usd ipad :S in my country. And I still wont be able to run XCODE on it.

They also don`t give you and 24GB ram option like you can with the macbook air m2s

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I’m with you for that.

I’ve to choose between an 1TB iPad for the ram or the mcbook air m2. I prefer the iPad for the versability, but I’m afraid to make a mistake…

Ipad or Mcbook Air for Sharpr3D, what’s the best one ?

It´s an hard choice….

You could probably get an Macbooc Air m1 and a Ipad Air m1 for the same price as a Ipad Pro 1Tb :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I love working on my Ipad Pro (2018), and I don`t think I could go back to having just a macbook.

But I do wish IpadOS wasnt held back as mush as Apple does. And the pricing is getting out of hand on the new M2 ipad pros with the higher storage and ram configuration.
It´s like buying a hot dog for 10 bucks and getting charged another 10 just to get some ketchup on it.


It’s a hard choice, both devices are good on their own right.

Personally I would lean towards the iPad if all the apps you use are available on it. The iPad Pro’s display is vastly superior to the MBA’s display, and since you literally look at it all day, it’s very important. With the new, improved external display support, you can now use a bigger screen properly (though it will need some work for the apps to properly work on it).

You also only get the touch and pencil support with the iPad, so that’s a big difference.


I am very excited for the new features that will come to Shapr3D with Apple Pencil hover !