Is anyone else’s iPads starting to overheat really quickly now?

The old version is never coming back. Others have posted response from shapr saying essentially this is how it will be from now on.

Oh and I noticed the file size difference immediately, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I see that uploading takes FAR LONGER. I’m talking now I have to let my iPad secretly run during class when I’m modeling in school just to finish the upload for minutes compared to just taking a couple seconds and going on with my day/period

It’s not just you haha

Loading the x_t imported copy of the exact model
50 seconds
iPad was cool after loading

Loading the original model with whatever history stuff
2 minutes 8 seconds
iPad was hot after loading

Uploading the x_t imported copy
1 minute 32 seconds

Uploading original model
3 minutes 10 seconds

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I do have copies of some older shaper 3-D downloads on my laptop and now I will retry the tests on there compared to the Old version I use, though I have to do this tomorrow. Hoping that the shaper file is still compatible

Sure, I sent DM.

Hey, I think I have found a temporary solution, I find that turning your brightness low stops my iPad from getting to a high temperature. Maybe this may work for you as well? The sketching and isolation issue still happens but at least the other stuff isn’t degraded due to the iPad limiting itself. I don’t know how to notify the other guys with the issue

Yes. Modeling, I don’t use Visualization. Strictly 3d modeling for 3d printing.

I’ve been running Shapr3D on my iPads. Recently (before the new iPad Pro 13” announced recently) I purchased a iPad Pro 12.9”, 2Tb, M2. Before the release of the Parametric I had no issues with the software or the iPads I used.

Now I’ve noticed the My iPad Pro gets very warm and today I got a notice that it stopped charging until the temperature returns to normal.

I’ve suspended the next payment and leaving Shapr 3D when the current period ends. If the software is going to burn up my iPad, it’s not worth it.

Can anyone share a design here that overheats their iPad? It would be super helpful. We couldn’t reproduce this issue so far. You can send it directly to me, or to our support team.

I’ve already shared a design causing overheating issues in another topic inside of DM’s not sure if you were talking to me though.

That’s very helpful! It’s really hard to track these messages, so it would be fantastic if you could share it again. Also please share the steps to reproduce the overheating.

The more sketches are piled up, the less memory they have, and when they reach the limit, they start to heat up and slow down. Solving it by yourself is to export a file without sketches and edit it again. To enjoy the speed and coldness.